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The success of every entrepreneur is based on how well they define and communicate their brand, the strategy, and execution behind their marketing, AND how well they manage their business. Most entrepreneurs work with freelancers until they are able to hire a team, but the problem that exists is no freelancer is communicating with the other thus creating different strategies, directions ideas, AND more work for the entrepreneur.

Thumbprint Collective eliminates this problem because we collectively make up most of the freelancers you would hire therefore creating one flow of communication, strategy, and ideas.

We are the solution to developing, branding, growing, and scaling your Black Business. So stop waiting for the answer because it’s already here. Click the button ↓ and let us werk that magic.


Brand Messaging, Identity, Strategy, Positioning, and Goal Mapping,  Target Audience Identification, Visual Identity, and Website Design

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Marketing Strategy, Tracking & Analytics, Sales Funnels, Competitor Analysis & Market Research, SEO, Social Media, Email, Content and Paid Ads

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A snapshot of the email conversions for True Products in 2021

Business Management

Business Assessments, Strategy, Systems, Infrastructure, Research, Standard Operating Procedures, Increase Revenue, Workflows & Automations, Social Media and Email Marketing

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“Since January 2021, my business has gone through major changes thanks to the Thumbprint Team. I now have HR, Staff, the proper registrations, streamlined processes, improved customer service, and MUCH MORE. I cannot sing their praises enough.

I spent many years experiencing burnout and cyclical issues and could not see my way out of it. On November 8, 2020, I put out a call for help. I needed a virtual assistant AND project managers ASAP, to help me. Thumbprint had the strongest reply that let me know they were serious business. I didn’t need to consult with anyone else that responded to that thread.

Since on-boarding in January, they have been actively assessing my business and letting me know my gaps, strengths, weaknesses and other enhancements my business needs to incorporate to thrive. What I appreciate most is that they don’t leave it at “you need to do this,” they actually take action to get me there. There have been several times that they’ve sent staff onsite to help me through an overwhelming situation and to train/onboard my staff. They take care of all the smaller pieces so that I can learn to focus on the big pictures that should require my attention.

Having been burned in the past, it has been difficult to take my hands off the wheel and trust. Thumbprint has been graciously working me through that by establishing a relationship of trust. Being able to trust someone with your baby is super important to creatives.

What I feel is most effective with Thumbprint is that there is no single point of failure. There are multiple people managing my account and performing QA on each other. It’s a beautiful synergy that makes me confident my biz is in great hands.”

Dr. Nikki Brooks Seevers

Creator, Zen In A Jar

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