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The Story

Our American ancestors were focused on survival rights.
They went directly from bondage to freedom; without receiving just compensation for their two and a half centuries of slave labor. The ruling power structure protected them after Emancipation–for a scant twelve years.

During that time, under the federal protection of Reconstruction, our ancestors were finally able to accumulate generational wealth; they were finally able to control the distribution of goods and resources in their own communities; and they were finally able to amass political power in order to enact change.

Then, the Presidential Crisis of 1876 happened, and the powers that be sold our ancestors out to gain the White House. Reconstruction ended; government-sanctioned Jim Crow arrived; and the wealth, resources, and political power were stripped away.

The next nine decades were not about regaining the lost; they were about being seen as human. The struggle was now for civil rights.

They fought for the right to be seen on equal footing with those who opposed and restricted them; appealing to their humanity and their compassion, as the ruling party conspired to continue to restrict our wealth and resources. 

Sharecropping, vagrancy laws, redlining, gerrymandering, sundown towns, business and loan discrimination, voter suppression, police brutality, the abnormality of Blackness–all done to prevent us from gaining our collective wealth, resources, and power. Our ancestors didn’t quite understand, BUT WE DO.

We are black

we thrive, we excel, we build not destroy

black wealth history

It was more than Tulsa, Oklahoma #BlackWallStreet

Blackdom, New Mexico photo credit: Albuquerque Journal

Today, we understand that the only way to fully gain survival rights; the only means to fully attain our civil rights; is to continue to fight aggressively for our SILVER RIGHTS.

We cannot gain what we need for our community by appealing to the powers that be–without the necessary economic power needed to make them pay attention.

We gain our Silver Rights through promoting entrepreneurship, through owning property, through patronizing our institutions, and through the patronage of our own powerful people.

This is how we gain collective wealth for our community. This is how we gain control over the goods and resources distributed in within that community. This is how we gain political power to enrich that community. And THAT is how we achieve the liberty that eluded our ancestors.

This is the dream of Frederick. This is the dream of Booker. This is the dream of Marcus and of Malcolm. This is the REAL dream of Martin. We are the generation that make the dream a reality.

The time has come to build our collective house; built upon the foundation lain by our ancestors.

Welcome to the Silver Rights movement.

Hobson City, Alabama photo credit: Encyclopedia of Alabama

Greenwood, Oklahoma photo credit: Sapiens Anthropology

Dobyville, Tampa photo credit: WTSP

Seneca Village, New York photo credit: The Bowery Boys

now is the time

Our Mission

To assist our people in the founding, growth, development, and flourishing of their

businesses and institutions, at every stage necessary; in order to achieve

economic empowerment for us all

The Vision

In the 20th century,

our ancestors and parents fought for

Civil Rights;

the right to be treated humanely

in accordance with the laws of God and man.

In the 21st century,

we and our descendants will fight for

Silver Rights;

the economic empowerment to do

everything necessary for ourselves and for our own people

Join The Community

Our community includes

Weekly time for promotion, accountability, and training. A consistent flow of resources and information to advance your business.

Weekly Town Hall Meetings to advance the mission and purpose of the Silver Rights Movement.

Our goal is to build a community of like-minded action takers that will strategize, plan, and put their money where their mouth is to buy our blocks back.