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Ensuring your unique Print is left on the world and your payment notifications stay on DING!


What We Do

We are the team that your business needs to move from Good to GREAT!

Whether you are just starting or have been building for some time the three most important pieces of your business are your Brand, Marketing and Management and we are here to handle All Three!


Branding is about the unique promise of a distinct, memorable experience you give EVERYONE you come into contact with! Your Brand Identity is how you visually showcase that promise to the world.

Coaching & Strategy
Not sure how to define your brand or your target audience?

We help you dig deep and truly define your brand, it’s voice, your clients and the strategy it’s going to take to get you where you want to go.

Identity & Website
Your logo is more than a cute image and your website is bigger than a pretty page.

We work hard to create a custom look for your brand through the colors, logo, website and social media templates that not only attract customers but truly convey your unique promise to the world.

You’ve defined it and created it but now it’s time to share it with the world.

No more just posting on social media we are open for business create a strategic launch that has customers paying you before you’ve even officially launched and the rest waiting in line to give your their coins.

Market my Business
Struggling with marketing your business?

Allow us to dig deep and assist you in creating the basic marketing of your business including strategy, and marketing materials such as graphics, social media and even community growth. We show you the best way to implement the strategy and use the materials we’ve created.

Market my launch
You’ve created your next BIG product or service and want to launch it right!

Allow us to create everything needed to launch your product or service from the landing page or website, setting up all your funnels, creating all the graphics and handling all the marketing for up until 2 weeks after the launch.

Full Service Marketing
Ready to let the pros handle all of your marketing?

We are ready to take over the marketing of your business and become your in house marketing department. Let us handle ALL the marketing needs for your business for a minimum of 6 months including your social media and graphics.


Marketing is how you promote and sell your brand, products, and/or services. Branding is NOT Marketing and Marketing is NOT Branding! We like to see them as a truly perfect marriage. Alone they can be BOSSES and can achieve success but when they are both clearly defined AND have individual strategies that complement one another they can take any and every business to the NEXT LEVEL!


Think of a cross between hiring an Operations Manager, Life Coach, Strategist, Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant. That’s exactly what you get when Thumbprint Collective manages your business and events.

Social Media Management

Tired of trying to be consistent on social while trying to run your business?

Or maybe your tired of having to tell your social media team what to post and when.

Turn your social likes into payment notifications with the social marketing master plan of money-making brands.

Business Management
Is your business making over 7,000 a month and your ready to double or triple that?

It’s time to hire a team and we are the team you’ve been looking for. Get immediate access to work with our entire Lead Collective Members and a dedicated Virtual Business Manager.

Event Management
Hosting an event, workshop or conference and don’t want to leave any detail to chance?

Our dedicated event planner is ready to bring your ideas to life. From creating a gorgeous event that embodies your brand to managing all vendors, volunteers, back of the room sales and the day of logistics we’ve got you covered.

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