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About Us

We Are

The Team Your Business Needs To Keep Those Payment Notifications On Ding!

Our Story

Thumbprint Collective is the brainchild of ‘Thee Melanin Mompreneur”: Ms. Jennifer Pink. In her work with several entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, she realized that the biggest obstacle facing each of them was building the RIGHT team. Finding the key people—those who were not only were a great fit for them but could work together—was a task unto itself!

She realized then that Masterminds are great—and coaches are able to really get into your business—but who is going to implement and do ALL of the work that needs to be done; from the feedback to the critiques, to the coaching, you have received? A team!

In a perfect world, we would all be able to hire a dedicated graphic designer, marketing team, assistant, and editor. That’s a chore in the real world. Thumbprint takes over that process; elevating the hiring and firing, the trial and error period, AND implementing everything you know that your business needs; so that you can completely focus on being the business owner! Thumbprint allows you to focus on closing more deals and serving more people—without the behind-the-scenes headaches.





Our Mission

To assist our people in the founding, growth, development, and flourishing of their businesses and institutions, at every stage necessary; in order to achieve economic empowerment for us all.

Our Movement

The Silver Rights Movement is more than just a social circle. It is an all-encompassing call to action, a call that extends to all parts of Black life in our community. It is more than a clever bit of wordplay recalling the Civil Rights Era. It is an insistence upon living a life that is unapologetically Black.

We desire to advance our ethnicity, to promote our culture, to remember our history, to create generational wealth, and to regain harmony and control in our communities; vial the creation and development of Black businesses, Black entrepreneurship, Black institutions, Black professional workers, and Black education.

Our Vision

In the 20th Century, our ancestors and parents fought for civil rights; the right to be treated human in accordance with the laws of God and man.

In the 21st Century, we and our descendants will fight for Silver Rights; the economic empowerment to do everything necessary for our ourselves and for our own people.

The Thumbprint Collective’s role in developing and expanding upon businesses, therefore, extends beyond making a buck or fulfilling a dream—we will do what we do as part of a Modern Melanin Revolution; one fighting for the Silver Rights of our people

We Are

Members of The Collective

We are entrepreneurs and truly experts at our crafts. We understand first-hand what it takes to build and grow a business. We have individually helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their business, and unfortunately have seen many of them fail because they were missing key pieces to their business and the necessary support from a team of skilled individuals. We decided to do something different and come together to ensure your business doesn’t fail, but instead grows to new heights!

Ms. Jennifer Pink

CEO & Lead Strategist

Chello!!! I’m JPink, the CEO and Founder of  Thumbprint Collective!

I pride myself as a true “MOMpreneur;” one that has dedicated my life to providing resources, information, and support that inspires and empowers mothers (especially melanin mothers) on their journey. As I built my business, I discovered a true axiom: the road to everyone’s individual success lies within their own personal GROWTH. I realized that the brand I created in the beginning, back in 2003, of my journey is essentially the same brand that stands today, over ten years later; because this is the brand that captured who I am, in my full authenticity, which made it easier to GROW as I GREW.

Although I proudly serve as the CEO of Thumbprint Collective I remain true to my purpose of Growth by Any Means Necessary as a “Melain MOMpreneur Growth Coach” and my passions of branding and marketing as the Team Lead within Thumbprint Collective.

The Collective Members and I are ready to transform ideas into brands, and take those brands to the next level, by helping to unlock each person’s authentic brand–and then connecting that brand with its true customers.

Mr. Tamon Pearson

Chief of the Unapologetic Movement

Hi! My name is Tamon Pearson, and I am the leader of Thumbprint Collective’s Unapologetic Movement, the Silver Rights Movement.

Our ancestors fought to be afforded the same constitutional rights as all others. However, our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness remained restricted.

It is the accumulation of wealth—and the ownership and control of goods and resources—that propel the advancement of a people. By advancing our Silver Rights, we empower our people. Wealth and control create political capital—which then creates real change.

Through my speaking and my writing, I champion the cause of us changing how we fully immerse ourselves into our ethnicity and culture—especially economically and financially.

From time to time, here at Thumbprint, I may edit something or write some copy. But nothing that I do is as important as my unapologetic role of promoting the advancement of our ethnicity and culture through our economic empowerment.

Preshus Goshay

Operations Manager

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Preshus, Operations Manager for Thumbprint Collective.

I have always had a passion for helping, planning, and organization. While I originally did not see these passions as “my calling;” I have always naturally incorporated these qualities into every area of my life.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University in 2005. My studies gave me a wealth of experience regarding several career paths. I have worked everything; from administrative office and retail customer service to mental health social work and hospitality management.

My favorite leisure activity is spending time with my framily. That’s not a typo! My friends are my family! Friends + family = framily! The biggest pieces of my heart belong to my babies–a modge podge of cousins, nieces, nephews, godchildren, and friends’ kids. I also love traveling, crafting, movies, music, and glasses of Vino Blanco on days ending in “Y!”

Jonaee Coffey

CEO Shit Consultant

Hi! My name is Jonaee Coffey, and I am YOUR Thumbprint Business Consultant, aka CEO Shit Consultant! You will be hard-pressed to find a business consultant–anywhere!!!–with the passion that I have to educate and develop strong organizational foundations; foundations that will yield longevity, wealth, and compliance for all of your businesses!

Not to brag or anything–and I’m really not bragging–but I have been quite successful in assisting entrepreneurs with taking their businesses from their conceptual stages to full fruition! This is what I will do for you. At the same time, I offer strategies and insights that will prepare you for every facet of the business.

I know all about high standards. I know about the pressures to get things done. I grew up with that sort of mindset, and it never left me. I love the standards and the pressure like I love being a mom to my four beautiful children; like I love singing and dancing like I love massages and shopping like I love getting things done! ! I am all about patience and planning in my life and in my work. Now, let me know all about YOU! If you can deal with the pressures, too, we can patiently plan together, and we can build something beautiful according to YOUR high standards!

Digital David G

Digital Marketing Specialist

A self-professed nerd, David geeks out over all things related to business, marketing, and tech. Having shifted from pursuing a career in financial planning (which he later realized was too boring), he has spent the last ten years working with businesses (both big and small) on their marketing needs.

David’s experience in various industries–including automotive, real estate, consumer packaged goods, retail, e-commerce, services industries, and others–has given him the ability to thoroughly understand the business needs of his clientele; thus enabling him to provide them with plausible and dynamic solutions to any potential business conflicts.

In his free time, David enjoys a deep appreciation for the outdoors and all music genres. He often participates in marathons, triathlons, hiking, and more. He is currently living his life as a digital nomad; traveling the country with his girlfriend in their renovated RV

Carly Bell

Lead Graphic & Web Designer

Hey there! I’m Carly, Visual Brand Design and Content Creator for Thumbprint Collective!

My goal:  to energize your brand with irresistible confidence; by crafting a visual brand that launches your business, generates revenue, and unlocks opportunities!  In this creative partnership, you and I will build a visual brand that makes bold statements, that reveals your vision, that gains you the confidence to share your work, and provides you your long-awaited freedom—while fully meeting the needs of your audience!

I have an affinity for lettering and illustrations, as well as degrees in Architecture and Graphic Design—and I have combined that affinity with that education to build brands for you! I strive to learn what I do not know, to act on what I do already know, and to stay on top of the industry trends; thus, giving me the unique perspective and design aesthetic needed to be invaluable to you!

Crafting, scouring Michaels or Hobby Lobby for my next passion project, or spending time with my husband (O’Brian) and two kids (Mitchell and Conner) are all things that I can be found doing—when I’m not designing beautiful visual brands for you, of course! Let’s build a brand together!

Marketing, Branding & Business Management

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