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Zen In A Jar

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nikki of Zen In A Jar on the structure and scalability of her business.


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The Challenge

Zen In A Jar was consistently making 20k+ a month by doing bi-monthly releases of the product, but everything was being done by the CEO without a workflow, system, or infrastructure to grow the business to the next level.

Business Strategy

After spending time reviewing and auditing the business we realized infrastructure and workflows were needed. Streamlining the production and shipping process would allow us to grow the business while also drastically reducing the amount of customer service issues they were currently experiencing. We also wanted to ensure the company was able to grow during the process, so we were constantly looked for growth opportunities.


Hire, Onboard, and Train New Staff


Look for opportunities that were holding the business back and optimize them so we could assist in growing the business to the next level.


Business Strategy

  • Clean up so we can start fresh
  • What are customers asking for?
  • What is needed to grow?
  • Create workflow and processes


  • Hire staff for production & shipping
  • Organizational plan for the workspace
  • Implement workflow and processes
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • “CEO Shit” Consults


  • Increase production
  • Decrease shipping time
  • Research equipment purchases
  • Fund getting own retail space
  • Increase revenue

Impact Snapshots

What We Did

  • An in-depth audit of business including website, brand, marketing, infrastructure and provide recommendations as needed
  • Create & Implement new Systems
  • Created Employee Handbook
  • Virtual Employee Interviewing, Hiring & On-Boarding
  • Created a Product Workflow
  • Set up Departments
  • Created Shipping SOP & Checklist
  • Calculated cost of products
  • New Retail Pricing
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Implemented VIP Launch
  • Strategized Email Marketing
  • Collaborated with Organizer to create Workspace Organization
  • Maintained Customer Service
  • Researched Funding Options for Business Growth

Bottom Line

After working with Thumbprint Collective, the client was able to increase her bottom line, and double her revenue within 2 months.

A snapshot of the email conversions for True Products in 2021
  • Average conversion from January 2021 – May 2021: $4,399.58/month
  • Average conversion from June 2021 – July 2021: $11,028.04/month

In Her Own Words

Since January 2021, my business has gone through major changes thanks to the Thumbprint Team. I now have HR, Staff, the proper registrations, streamlined processes, improved customer service, and MUCH MORE. I cannot sing their praises enough.

I spent many years experiencing burnout and cyclical issues and could not see my way out of it. On November 8, 2020, I put out a call for help. I needed a virtual assistant AND project managers ASAP, to help me. Thumbprint had the strongest reply that let me know they were serious business. I didn’t need to consult with anyone else that responded to that thread.

Since on-boarding in January, they have been actively assessing my business and letting me know my gaps, strengths, weaknesses and other enhancements my business needs to incorporate to thrive. What I appreciate most is that they don’t leave it at “you need to do this,” they actually take action to get me there. There have been several times that they’ve sent staff onsite to help me through an overwhelming situation and to train/onboard my staff. They take care of all the smaller pieces so that I can learn to focus on the big pictures that should require my attention.

Having been burned in the past, it has been difficult to take my hands off the wheel and trust. Thumbprint has been graciously working me through that by establishing a relationship of trust. Being able to trust someone with your baby is super important to creatives.

What I feel is most effective with Thumbprint is that there is no single point of failure. There are multiple people managing my account and performing QA on each other. It’s a beautiful synergy that makes me confident my biz is in great hands.

Dr. Nikki Brooks Seevers

Creator, Zen In A Jar

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