The Truth About What SEO is and isn’t!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how a website gets its organic traffic to grow from the search results. It has everything to do with stuff like links, keywords, content creation, keyword research, and all that.

SEO isn’t the thing, so to speak; it’s what makes it better for folks to find the thing—which means it’s what brings you the bucks.

In order to get the traffic to your website that really works; you have to make that site receptive to the search engines, the links, and the keywords that get people coming. That means you need content that creates that movement. There are certain steps that you gotta take if you wanna have SEO work properly on your behalf. There’s a lot of talk on these internet streets about what SEO is and what it ain’t so we thought we would make it clear once and for all.

SEO isn’t…

  • A short-term strategy. It ain’t gonna make you a million tomorrow but in the long run maybe just maybe.
  • Just about your headers, page titles and meta-descriptions
  • A replacement for poor web design
  • Making the Yoast Plugin light “green”. Please understand the “free version” of that plugin is barely scratching the surface.
  • Just picking a keyword and inserting it throughout your site.
  • Just copying what your competitors are doing. NOBODY likes a copycat and that’s plagiarism anyway.
  • Picking a keyword with the highest search volume
  • Picking keywords without doing keyword research
  • Designing a website first then doing SEO after and expecting success
  • Just about having a secure and mobile-friendly site anymore
  • Over-optimization, keyword stuffing, black hat strategies
  • Doing SEO one time to your site and never touching it again

SEO is…

  • An ongoing process. You can’t do it once and walk away, it doesn’t work like that.
  • More complex than just “how Google ranks you”
  • More than just on-page optimizations
  • Picking content and keywords that align with search intent
  • Understanding UX/UI on your site and how it plays a role in the customer journey
  • Creating an internal and external linking strategy
  • Knowing what a “Robot.txt is” and why it’s important. Bet you haven’t heard of that one in these streets have you?
  • Doing a gap analysis on your competitors to find opportunities they aren’t taking advantage of
  • Knowing what YMYL & EAT stand for and what they do. Whatchu know about that 👀?
  • Adding a Schema Markup to your site
  • Knowing what the Core Web Vitals are and how to fix problems that may arise
  • Creating category pages that add value to the overall site
  • Creating evergreen content and regularly updating your site

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