We Deliver Laundry

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with We Deliver Laundry a laundry delivery service servicing New York and New Jersey.


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Marketing Strategy                    Ad Strategy & Management

The Challenge

When We Deliver Laundry was first introduced to us, they were starting pretty close to ground zero. They were working with an ad agency that was focused on the quantity of traffic rather than the quality, additionally, they were unclear on their brand identity and whom they served.

Here were the goals set in place before we started working with True Products

Marketing Strategy

Build a foundation for future cross-channel marketing and create a solid customer base to re-market to

Social Marketing

Create a consistent strategy for email and social media


Provide on-page SEO to increase organic traffic

Branding Upgrade

Their branding was falling flat and not attracting their ideal customer.


Marketing Strategy

  • In order to give our client a competitive edge, we had to know where their competitors were. We completed an in-depth competitive analysis to determine our keyword and SEO strategy.
  • With ROI in mind, we built out a marketing roadmap that progressed forward with performance.
  • In each client meeting, we make adjustments to what we are currently doing to optimize conversions and increase visibility for our client.

Ad Strategy & Management

Since taking over the ad account we have been able to:

  • Optimize our ad groups to cover more of our target audience
  • Start a remarketing campaign
  • A/B test our ads
  • Add a commercial campaign and further build out the residential ads
  • Built out specialty ads such as student promotions


  • Built out location pages for counties, towns, and neighborhoods that our client services. This put the client in front of anyone in the area that is searching for laundry service.
  • Optimized each page of the website with target keywords to help rankings
  • Monitor overall site health
  • Optimized their service pages
  • Optimize page speed

Branding Upgrade

To view the branding upgrade we completed for We Deliver Laundry please go to our branding case study.

Impact Snapshots

Overall Traffic

From a holistic standpoint, you can see the steady, continual growth our client has had with overall traffic. We took over their ad account in December 2021 and attribute the large jump in traffic to that but have been managing their SEO since September 2020.

A snapshot of the Google Analytics of True Products overall site users
  • Average traffic from March 2020 – May 2020: 542 users/month
  • Average traffic from March 2021 – May 2021: 2,100 users/month

Conversion Progress

Starting in December 2020, our agency took over the Google Ads account for We Deliver Laundry. Right away, we were able to clean up the ad groups, add a commercial campaign, and optimize our audience.

A snapshot of the email conversions for True Products in 2021
  • Average conversions from March 2020 – May 2020: 20
  • Average conversions from March 2021 – May 2021: 178

The Complete Case Study

We Deliver Laundry Case Study by Thumbprint Collective

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