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Recently, we had the pleasure of working with True Products, the first premiere Black-Owned Laundry detergent company.


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Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing


The Challenge

When True Laundry was first introduced to us, they had achieved some success and were well known as the “Black Laundry Detergent” company, unfortunately their sales were not consistent and a solid marketing strategy had never been created.

Here were the goals set in place before we started working with True Products

Marketing Strategy

Build a foundation for future cross-channel marketing and create a solid customer base to re-market to

Social Marketing

Create a consistent strategy for email and social media


Provide on-page SEO to increase organic traffic


Marketing Strategy

  • In order to give our client a competitive edge, we had to know where their competitors were. We completed an in-depth competitive analysis to determine our keyword and SEO strategy.
  • With ROI in mind, we built out a marketing roadmap that progressed forward with performance.
  • In each client meeting, we make adjustments to what we are currently doing to optimize conversions and increase visibility for our client.

Content Marketing

Since taking over their content marketing we have:

  • Doubled their email marketing conversion from a monthly average of $4,399.58 to $11,028.04
  • Optimized their email sequences including abandon cart, welcome, customer-thank, and more
  • Increased their social conversion rate to 10.83%
  • Created weekly blogs to increase their digital footprint


  • Optimized each page of the website with target keywords to help rankings
  • Monitor overall site health
  • Optimized their service pages
  • Optimize page speed
  • Add additional pages to the website

Impact Snapshots

Overall Traffic

Our first goal with this client was to make their income more stable and consistent while increasing their users. The blue line is when we took over vs the orange line two months before us. As you can see our line is more stable and increasing while the previous two months was slowly decreasing.

A snapshot of the Google Analytics of True Products overall site users
  • Increased users to site by 33%
  • Increased new users by 35%
  • Increased revenue by 28%
  • Increased transactions on-site by 43%

Email Conversion

Starting in June 2021, we took over email marketing to create consistent revenue for the client.

A snapshot of the email conversions for True Products in 2021
  • Average conversion from January 2021 – May 2021: $4,399.58/month
  • Average conversion from June 2021 – July 2021: $11,028.04/month

The Complete Case Study

True Products Case Study by Thumbprint Collective

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