Start out 2022 by decluttering the Pher Ankh way.

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First of all, what is Pher Ankh?

The Asian community and much of the world use a practice called Feng Shui, to organize their home and balance their life. This ancient practice governs the way they organize themselves and their environments, both business and at home. Well, like most things around the world, the Asians got it from the kinfolk first. The ancient Kemetic folks practiced what was called Pher Ankh. Pher Ankh, which is Egyptian/Kemetic for House of Life, incorporated everything those ancient people did into a purposeful organization—from the positioning of the things in their home, to the colors that they wore, to the organization of their affairs.

Before we go any further here’s a little history for those who may not have had the privilege of being introduced. In a nutshell, Kemet (KMT) is Egypt. Kemet was what the ancient folks called the Land of the Blacks. Before Europeans came in and did what Europeans have done to hundreds of nations around the world, Kemet was a national and intellectual superpower. You’ve probably seen the pyramids. But these master architects and artists also created great obelisks (that tall pointy thing that America copied to create the Washington Monument) and massive temples for their elaborate religious rituals. The concept of practicing medicine; using mathematics and numbers in architecture and design; cosmetics; quarrying and surveying; irrigation; agriculture; boats with planking; astronomy; zoology; and philosophy–all began in Kemet. The influence and power of Black people is not new. It is our history. It is our legacy. Our current culture can lead all the way back to the power from Kemet. Embrace the greatness of the past, and incorporate it into the power of the future.

Since we do everything Blackity Black Black here at Thumbprint, we thought we’d take a look at this Pher Ankh thing for a few ideas on restructuring ourselves.


Everything in Pher Ankh has an order. The goal is always balance. You don’t just set a statue in the house, or imitate something you saw somebody do, or keep people around because they were there before. EVERYTHING has a reason or purpose. In Pher Ankh, you structure your environment to best make use of your own energy. Every picture you hang, every color you display, every timetable for your actions—re-evaluate and act accordingly. Pher Ankh also tells you to do stuff like clear the mess out from under your bed. Clean and sage your household. Open your windows and get fresh air. Anything in your closets and cupboards that isn’t useful needs to be thrown away or given away.

Start out 2022 by decluttering the Pher Ankh way.

What’s the junk you’re holding onto? What people, places, or things in your life create chaos and disorder? Whatever stuff is cluttering your mind and your heart; whatever junk is creating stagnant work; whatever gook should have been thrown out long ago—the time has never been better. Declutter it all!

Let’s apply Pher Ankh’s teachings to our businesses just as we will apply them to ourselves and our homes. Take a look again at your business model; at your logo; at your website; at your social media; at all your marketing. Is it in line with your vision? Is it orderly and structured? Is it meeting your goals and expectations? 

Let’s harness the power and energy that you possess within yourself to start off 2022 right. But you can’t channel that energy with a buncha stuff cluttering you. Get rid of everything unnecessary and everything that messes with your balance. Then put it all right. That’s what Pher Ankh does.

Restructure and Declutter the Pher Ankh way!

Want to learn more about Pher Ankh and how to use it to restructure and declutter your life and especially your business? Join the Silver Rights Live Conversation on Pher Ankh by clicking the image below.

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