How to perform Keyword Research


You are ready to do everything you can to increase your site ranking, and you keep hearing about keyword research so let’s break down what it is and how exactly do you do it. 

When the pros are lookin’ for terms in searches; while they’re lookin’ for general info, lookin’ at different services, or just lookin’ around for various products; they use a practice search optimization called “keyword research.” Great Keyword Research is the foundation for a great search engine optimization (SEO) strategy!

So how do you perform Keyword Research?

First, based on what you know about your business; make a list of important, related, and relevant topics.

Think of all the stuff that comes up the most whenever y’all be talkin’ during your sales conversations or consultations. Then, create topic buckets with those topics.

Second: Fill in all your topic buckets with keywords.

Put yourself in your consumer’s Jordans for a second. How would you google what you do if you were looking for tips and tricks on how to or someone who does it? Then, find out through your Google Analytics exactly what search terms your own site is currently being found under.

Third: Research the search terms you come up with.

Real quick tip on this one: if you’re having some trouble thinking of more terms; start with one search term in Google, scroll to the bottom, and then look at the related search terms. That oughta help.

Last of All: Use keyword research tools to your advantage

Yeah, we know—some of these search tools can dip into your bag! However, most of ‘em offer free trials, or they have some free info that can really help you with your research—or at least point you into an area that you didn’t think about.

Some Tools to Consider:

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