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As you prolly know by now, err thing we do at Thumbprint is Blackity Black Black! It’s that time of the year; other folks are singing, “Dashing through the snow,” and we over here singing, “In my mind, I want you to be free,” with an occasional “This Christmas… Shake a hand, shake a hand now.” If you know, you know.

Anyway, because this is how we do, we took it upon ourselves to create a bit of a directory-slash-blog to give you what you need to go with your egg nog and Henney (or Remy, or Dusse, or however you get down with your egg nog) as you do your best to Blacken up the Holidays.

The Official Black Christmas Round-Up


Personally, here at Thumbprint, we are about building up the Black community economically. Therefore, as much as we love making money, we would never recommend that what you spend for December 25th would keep you broke from December 26th to December 24th NEXT year! However, if you gonna do it, and if you’re gonna do it wisely, here are some suggestions:

Blackity Black Greeting Cards

Kitsch Noir

Kitsch Noir is the award-winning, family-friendly, black greeting cards and stationery brand, helping you to create an aesthetically pleasing and organized lifestyle. Their focus is to represent the love, joy, and humor within the Black British experience.

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kitsch noir christmas family 10 pack
Better than Mistletoe Greeting Card by Oyana Faith LLC

Oyana Faith LLC

Oyana is a Swahili word that means “Uplift and Inspire” and she, Nakida J, hopes that through her love of creating, she can create JOY, share her FAITH & INSPIRE others (and be inspired) in the process

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Siyo Boutique

Tyler opened Siyo in 2017 after she couldn’t find a job fresh out of grad school (story of EVERYONE’S life). BUT her love for DIY and drawing has always played a major part in her life. It just so happens that she also has a sassy, sarcastic, blunt mouth to pair with that creativity. Needing an outlet for all of this modge podge of creativity, she tapped back into her childhood mind & decided to make greeting cards as a stress relieving hobby.

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Have A Mary J Christmas Greeting Card by Siyo Boutique
Season's Greeting Greeting Card by A Single Suggestion

A Single Suggestion

A Single Suggestion started because of Erika Burnett’s love of creativity and passion for making people feel special. After attending one card-making class, she spent every weekend, for 14 years, creating cards just to send to loved ones.

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Culture Greetings

Culture Greetings is an Atlanta-based tech startup that allows consumers to pick a culturally relevant physical greeting card and write a personal note using handwriting fonts. We will print and mail the cards directly to the customer’s recipients through an innovative and automated integration with a state-of-the-art commercial printing system. Our printing fulfillment is located in Clearwater, Florida.

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Christmas Missed Us Greeting Card
Little Black Girl Christmas Card

Black to My Roots

They Reflect, Respect, Appreciate and Understand the Black Community. Their focus is on the promotion of positive representation and self-identity within the Black Community. They believe that the constant bombardment of negative images/media coverage of our community is detrimental to our growth and our own self-perception. A positive sense of self that breeds confidence, which in the words of Marcus Moziah Garvey, ‘ With confidence, half the battle is won’.

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Blackity Black Gift Wrap

Black Santa Wrapping Paper

Mah Melanin

Growing up as a kid it was hard to find characters, toys, and products that accurately resembled me and those that looked like me. Black Santa is here and he has arrived. That’s right Black Santa is Real and he has Swag, and he represents the African American Community so beautifully!!! And his name is Ken, The Black Santa and he is OUR SANTA!!! In an effort to show the beauty of Melanin will strive to create products that will reflect melanated individuals in a positive and beautiful light.

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The name as you can see is a play on two words. Wrapping and representation. With endless searches for affordable gift supplies that represented my culture and others, I kept coming up empty-handed. I created Wrapresent because I want you to identify with our products. I created this to further harness our amazing energy and powers by donating a percentage of each sale to black and brown charities shaping our communities. Finally! A gift supplies company that champions diversity, inclusion, and you.

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Assorted Holiday Gift Wrapping by Wrapresent
Gnomes Wrapping Paper

Black Paper Party

We love all occasions: soirees, get-togethers, date nights, holidays, showers, birthdays, and weddings. In a world of evites, status updates, and gift cards, some occasions call for substance and sass. Our well-curated collection includes gift wrap and ornaments with nods to the African Diaspora for everyone to enjoy. When you see our designs you will know it’s gonna be a party!

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Midnight Reflections

After years of a collective frustration with the lack of gift options that spoke to the black experience, Lyndsey K. and Motisola Z. were inspired to do something about it. Together they founded Midnight Reflections with the goal of providing not only high quality but also ethnically conscious goods. Midnight Reflections scours the globe for goods that are stylish and relevant in today’s pop culture. Our products are timeless, yet contemporary. Most importantly, each item we carry was specifically created to speak to the unique walk of citizens of African descent.  From stylish T-shirts to cute mugs to awesome journals, and much more, we have something for all ages. Come see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at what we have to offer.

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Black Santa Claus Wrapping Paper Eco Friendly
Black AF Wrapping Paper

Makena Prints

Makena Prints is a stationery boutique committed to representing the Diaspora. Although our primary focus will be #WrappingPaper and #GiftBags, we will be dropping gems along the way that will take your gift-giving to the next level. 

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UNWRP was founded in 2017 by Ashley L. Fouyolle, a multidisciplinary designer, who started the company in a small bedroom of her Brooklyn apartment. Her love for art, fashion, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and the gifting experience naturally led her into the world of luxury gift wrap – where all her favorite things come together. Finding a void in the market, Ashley created a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs – offering wrapping paper, fabric wraps, greeting cards, and home goods all designed by the most talented artist around the globe.

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Unwrp gift bags
JOY gift wrap by K and K

K & K Gift Wrap

K & K Gift Wrap is a dynamic mother & daughter team bringing holiday cheer to your home with a beautiful reversible gift wrap. When we say “reversible” we mean you get two wraps in one! With over 7 designs including their very own King Klaus ™ we are sure you will find a favorite or two!

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Greentop Gifts

Growing up I remember my mother putting Christmas trees in every corner of our house, painting angels and Santa figurines to look like our family for the holidays. We created memories from those moments and those memories are part of the inspiration behind Greentop Gifts. We bring diversity to your celebrations with apparel, home decor, and stationery. We began in 2016 making Christmas products solely for our two-year-old son and we have continued to spread joy to thousands of other households across the United States expanding to other holidays and special celebrations. Our products have been featured on NBC News, People Magazine, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

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gift wrapping by greentop gifts
folkus wrapping paper


Eco-chic sustainable stone paper goods featuring designs and storylines promoting BLACKNESS.

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Melanated Christmas

Have yourself a Melanated Christmas! Welcome to our holiday store, where you will find Christmas apparel, gift wrap, and accessories to make your season bright. Melanated Christmas was founded in 2019 by Christmas enthusiast Tara Morgan who simply wanted items that looked like and represented her. She followed that desire and created the beautiful business that is Melanated Christmas!

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Black Santa Ho Ho Ho Wrapping Paper

Blackity Black Holiday Clothing, Ornaments and Santa Himself!

Thumbprint Collective

Thumbprint Collective’s mission is to assist our people in the founding, growth, development, and flourishing of their businesses and institutions, at every stage necessary; in order to achieve economic empowerment for us all. This mission led to the creation of the Silver Rights Movement, the economic empowerment to do everything necessary for ourselves and for our own people. Join the movement this holiday season with your purchase of our ‘I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas’ sweatshirt, hoodie, or tee for the entire family.

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Diverse Santa from Santa Like Me
Diverse Santa from Santa Like Me

My Santa Like Me

Santa Like Me is a company that embraces diversity and inclusion while celebrating the rich heritage of people of color through holiday design.

Why Santa Like Me? It’s simple because brown people deserve to see themselves reflected in Santa too! This small act can do wonders in improving children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. 

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Ariannas Kloset

It’s beginning to look a lot like Black Christmas! It’s that time of year again when we want to shower those near and dear with gifts, get a secret Santa gift or treat ourselves!
Arianna’s Kloset’s Xmas Kollection is here to help you out with the perfect gift for your budget. Browse all of our Xmas Kollection categories or see all we offer for a limited time below.

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I came to sleigh crewneck sweatshirt
holiday display for melanated holiday

Melanated Holiday

Metro Detroit-based Black woman-owned business. Creating holiday ornaments in the image and likeness of Black and Brown people.

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Loc Inspirations

Loc Inspirations specializes in Hair and Headwrap styling Classes, All Natural Hair & Body Oils and Shea Butters, natural soaps, jewelry, and headwraps

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Orange Kente Tree Skirt and Ornaments
Dreezy Claus

Drezzy Claus

Chicago’s Black Santa. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to be Santa Claus! In 2018, after many years of meeting families. I decided to become a professional Santa Claus and help expand on those services and provide an opportunity to those that are looking for a Black Santa image for their holiday festivities. If you’re not in Chicago don’t worry Dreezy has tons of things in his shop so you can bring him home to you.

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Lovie Beans

My name is Ginger and I crochet, I sew, I quilt, I draw, and I write poetry along with more than a dozen other fun things. If there is something you want that you don’t see in my shop, convo me — I love to make custom orders. I have nearly 30 years’ experience, I’m sure together we can make what you dream up come to life!

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African American Nativity Scene

Don’t forget about Kwanzaa

Again, all of our holidays are Black AF, though. Being thankful is cool, being giving is cool, but we don’t just do those days. Here at Thumbprint, we keep celebrating until the New Year gets here; because we also do Kwanzaa around these parts. Here is what we’ve found so far in case you need to do some Kwanzaa shopping:

Kwanzaa Coloring and activity book

Zaire and Kenya’s Kwanzaa Adventure

Are you looking for ways to teach your child about Kwanzaa? Your child would love to join Zaire and Kenya on their fun adventures as they learn about the cultural celebration. Zaire and Kenya apply lessons from the 7 principles and have fun while doing it! Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa or are learning more about the celebration, this coloring and activity book is just for you. Follow Zaire and Kenya throughout over 40 coloring and activity pages that celebrate Kwanzaa, family, and the African Diaspora. This coloring and activity book is great for the entire family and will spark discussions about history, diversity, and representation.

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Some folks call it The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Here at Thumbprint, we really think that it can be—if you do it right and if you do it with the right people. We just so happen to think that we do it right, and we are definitely the right people. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Stick with us, and we will get you all the way to New Year’s Day. Don’t forget to slide some gumbo our way then, too!

If you happen to find some more Blackity Black Black Christmas or Kwanzaa Companies comment below so we can add them here and support them too!

Silver Rights Holiday Edition

Check out our ‘I’m Dreaming of A Black Christmas’ Collection of Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Long Sleeve Tees for the Entire Family.