3 Steps to Creating a Solid Resume Review Process as a Solopreneur

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Recently we invited 4 dynamic HR Pros to join us for a Lunch ‘N’ Learn to talk about how to build a team in your business. Well, the knowledge they dropped was so goodt that we asked them to share a little more with our Black Business Friends. 

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Let us introduce you to HR Pro

DeJuana Golden of GoldenTouch Resumes

DeJuana Golden is known as the Resume Branding Specialist because of her unique gift for telling a cohesive and compelling career story when crafting resumes. Leveraging a background in marketing and content creation, in addition to her innate interest in diverse career paths, she’s created impactful and highly-effective resumes for entry-level to executive job seekers since 2013. Additionally, she’s worked for some of the largest resume companies in the U.S. and Canada.

So without any more extras let’s get into what DeJuana Golden of GoldenTouch Resumes has to say about weeding through the resumes to find your ideal candidates.

3 Steps to Creating a Solid Resume Review Process

as a Solopreneur

Picture it. You’re the operations, marketing, customer service, sales, delivery and implementation team, bookkeeper, researcher, and administrator. You’re capped at what you can make money-wise because you have zero time left to handle more business. You’re the bottleneck and you know it, so you know that you absolutely have to find someone to help. But where do you start?

Most likely, you don’t have an HR person or department but you need to hire someone quick, fast, and in a hurry. If you are a solopreneur, this is your story. You’re doing all of the things and when you’ve hit the ceiling and need to hire someone, it’s one more thing you don’t need on your plate. I get it! I’ve been there and I’d like to offer up a few recommendations on how to handle screening candidates even before the job posting is live.

Before hiring, you want to:

Create a detailed job description

Your job description is a screening tool that can help you weed out unqualified candidates and zero in on highly qualified ones. But here’s the key: You want to write a job description that articulates the mission and culture of the company, the role and day-to-day responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and preferred qualifications. Do your due diligence upfront to save yourself on the back end in terms of time and money.

    frustrated black business owner

    Develop a resume screening process and scorecard.

    What is important to you when it comes to skills, experience, personality, and education? Are there any specialized skills that are of importance like social media, technical, or writing skills? Once you know this, you can create a scorecard with the important categories such as minimum qualifications, previous experience, preferred qualifications, education, due diligence in preparing their resume — anything that you need them to have or want them to have.

      Build a resume review team.

      Tap on the shoulder of people you know who have experience in HR or have served as managers over a team of people. Remember, you don’t always have to do everything on your own, especially if it’s not your lane. Delegate to the people around you who know what to do, how to examine qualifications, and are a good judge of character.

        Part of your hiring success is in how much you prepare before even posting a job or reading a resume.

        Plan your process, know what you are looking for, and get help from people who know HR or people management. As a solopreneur, the last thing you want to do is make the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person. No one has the time or money for that.

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        Need help developing job descriptions that infuse your company culture and criteria or help reviewing resumes? Email GoldenTouch Resumes at info@goldentouchresumes.com.